Advanced Data Recovery

Advanced Data Recovery uses a highly defined algorithm to recover files when all logical information on the drive has been lost. Most often this occurs when the Boot Sector and or MFT (Master File Table) are damaged or corrupted. The MFT contains a map of the locations of all files and Folders on the drive. Loss of this information means that the drive can longer be accessed by the operating system or other simple recovery methods. Often the first sign of this is when you try to access the drive in My Computer and receive either the message 'Drive is not formatted' or 'The file or Directory is corrupt or unreadable' or the drive does not show up at all. This is next to the worst possible situation (Physical Disk Damage). When your MFT is corrupted or missing a simple repair of the Partition Table (Track 0) or repair of the Boot Sector will not suffice. Only an extensive rebuilding of the file chains will work. Since Advanced Data Recovery is a non-destructive recovery process, you will need extra space on another drive of equal or larger size to hold the recovered data.

Advanced File Recovery recovers the most popular file types including: photo image, Video, Audio, Email, Rss Feed, and more... If you have ever lost family pictures from the fishing trip, vacation, or a day at the beach, then you know that feeling of loss. Advanced Data Recovery will attempt to recovery of files even if the drive has been accidentally formatted, deleted, or has a damaged MFT (Master File Table). Advanced Data Recovery contains hundreds of file types that can be recovered. If you really need a file recovered Advanced Data Recovery will attempt exhaustive forensic measures to recovery every possible file.

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  • Device independent, Works with Disks or Interface types as long as Windows recognizes them. IDE, ATA, SCSI, SATA, SATA II, SATA III, PATA, USB, Firewire, Flash Drives, SSD Drives!
  • Windows 10 CTP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Server 2012 32 and 64 Bit Operating Systems are Fully Supported.
  • File Types can be configured for Specific File Type Recovery.
  • Easy Intuitive Windows user Interface!
  • Works in the Background. You can Continue using you System while recovering files!
  • Recover files from drives with Damaged MFT (Master File Table) even if receiving the messages 'Drive is not formatted' or 'The file or Directory is corrupt or unreadable'.
  • Operation is Non-Destructive! (Can Recover Files from Drives that are not Damaged).
  • Recover File from Drives that have been accidentally Quick Formatted, or Re-partitioned.
  • Reads and attempts recovery of drives with bad sectors! Will not stop if bad sectors are detected!
  • Recover to a Local Drive or Network Drive! Can be Installed to a Central Location!
  • All of the most Common File Types are included in the File Signature Database!
  • Pause the Recovery. (Handy for segmenting the recovery)!
  • Starting and Ending Sectors can be defined for custom data recovery!

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